What to do, see and eat in Melbourne, Australia.

The second largest city of Australia, also known as the “Marvelous Melbourne” is located by the river Yarra and has many wonderful locations worth visiting, as a result of being a multicultural and vivid city.

What made this city enormously famous during the history is the discovery of gold in 1851, which later lead towards the gold rush.  In this article, we will unveil some wonderful locations to visit in Melbourne. If you get hungry in the process, make sure to visit some of the restaurants we included in the list and discover the secrets behind the famous Australian dishes.

Places to see

Federation square

If you are looking for a place that hosts many intriguing events on a yearly basis, while wanting to enjoy the Melbourne attractions, Federation square is the right place to visit. It is a refreshment in architectural style compared to the old-fashioned, Victorian-style buildings surrounding it. While being there, you can also take a look at the wonderful Ian Potter gallery or use the free Wi-Fi that covers the area more than any other place in Melbourne.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Ground is known as one of the largest stadiums in the world. It is mainly because it can stand 100,000 people. It was also the main stadium for 1956 Olympic Games that took place in Australia. If you are coming in the summer you can catch a match of cricket or football in the winter. While being there, you can take a look at the Melbourne Park, which is the home to every year’s Australian Open tournament, taking place at the end of January. The MCG is place to go for all your Australian Sport.

National Gallery of Victoria

Gallery of Victoria is a home for everyone deeply allured with the art. Being the oldest public art gallery on the continent, you can find 68,000 pieces of art. The tourist-favorite attraction is certainly renowned Great Hall which inspires the visitors to “stargaze” at the colorful glass ceiling.

Royal Botanic Gardens

South of the Yarra River is the Royal Botanic Gardens, founded in 1846. One of the most beautiful botanic gardens in the world holds a spacious green ambient which is wonderful to the eye. Every year over 1,5 million peoples take their times to enjoy the views of nature and relax in the Royal Botanic Gardens. If you are visiting in the summer, you must take a look at the moonlight cinema and live theater.

Yarra River Cruise

Book yourself a Yarra River Cruise and take a beautiful glimpse at the Australian second largest city from the waters, while hearing about the rich history of Yarra River. Other popular cruises include the Williamtown, which is a seaside port that holds the vast historical value. If you are looking to book visit Yarra Cruises.

The best food in Melbourne


Scopri is a wonderful Italian and Mediterranean-friendly restaurant, located in the Nicholson St. It is home to wonderful and delicious meals, which are also, vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Relatively affordable and moderate prices pay for the great quality meals made out of Italian pasta, while the meat lovers can settle for the high-quality rabbit meat. The atmosphere is excellent and the service won’t hesitate to answer any question that you have.

Eau De Vie

The restaurant is well-hidden but, it certainly has a soul. It hosts Australian cuisine, but also great, detailed cocktails. If you are looking for vegetarian and gluten-free options, don’t be spooked. In Eau De Vie there is an option for everyone, and no one will be left hungry after visiting it. The atmosphere is amazing and the employees will provide a pleasant and prompt service. The degustation menu is tourists’ favorite. However, it won’t hurt you if you order an eggplant or zabaione. Just remember a fantastic dinner doesn’t have to cost a fortune

Beer, Wine, and Calzone

Another Italian-themed restaurant is one of the tourist’s favorites. They serve amazing pizza along with Calzone that is tourist personal favorite. Enjoy a juicy taste of different wines and beers and relax with your family and friends.

Best Beef Jerky in Melbourne

Do yourself a favour and eat as much beef jerky as you can whilst in Melbourne. There are a wide range of companies that make all sorts of different beef jerky. Our favourite whilst travelling Melbourne was Bigwig Jerky Co. Their Chili and Lime Jerky was most definitely our choice of their six flavours. If you can’t get to Melbourne then you can always buy jerky online at the Bigwig Jerky online store