Make a Perfect Sandwich With a Quality Red Meat

We all like sandwiches to have a beautiful piece of meat and some herbs and salad that will supplement the taste. A sandwich isn’t complete without a piece of meat, no matter what some nutritionists say.

The sandwich shouldn’t be healthy, and no one makes it be. The sandwich is a comfort food, and thus it doesn’t have to be low in calories. But you should take care of the ingredients you put in as they will determine the tastiness of the whole thing.

Meat that works well in sandwiches

Minced meat is a classic element of a sandwich. If you want to emulate a burger, then buy some quality minced meat, and you have the basics of an excellent sandwich. People tend to buy 90/10 minced meat, but that is a mistake as it has very little fat and it turns into a dry burger.  Buy 80/20 or even 70/30 minced meat, and you will get a perfect burger that oozes with taste. To add great flavour to the meat, try using a bbq rub and mixing it through the minced meat. This will add a wonderful flavour when cooked. There are many bbq rubs available, but choosing the best bbq rub can be hard – just make sure you pick one that is suitable for the meat you are cooking.

Everyone thinks that the pork is too heavy for sandwiches and they are right in a way. Pork can be heavy if you don’t know which cut to use. Pork tenderloin is a lean cut of the pig, and it contains just a small amount of calories. It is an arid piece of meat, but when cooked with the sauce it will become the sandwich ingredient you will use on every occasion.

Roast beef, when prepared well, can become an excellent addition to a sandwich. Slow-cooked beef is tasty and rich in flavor while having a small amount of saturated fat. It works well in sandwiches because it doesn’t require any additional sauce (just add the sauce you made when you cooked the beef).

Lamb shank isn’t some exotic meat, and you can buy it from us. It can be turned into a lean meat through careful trimming, but you don’t have to do that. You can just place it in a slow cooker and leave it to cook overnight with some herbs and spices. It will fall off the bone, and you can make a mouth-watering sandwich with it.