Restaurant Meal Replacement

We have taken our years of experience behind the stoves and ovens and made a line of products meant to replace meals that we create at our restaurants. These are all designed to be cooked, reheated or roasted at home. Allowing for fine dining at home with little effort required.

*Availability and pricing may vary due to season and supply, please call ahead to ensure the dishes you want are available.


  • Moroccan Lamb shanks
  • Fire roasted short ribs
  • Polderside Coq au vin
  • Honk Kong Style pulled pork


  • Bento Chicken
  • Texas rubbed polderside chicken
  • Assorted Pork cuts
  • Adobe Rubbed Steaks
  • Kansas City Rubbed Steaks
  • Chimmichurri rubbed lamb

Ready to eat

  • Two Chefs smoked Salmon
  • Melantinis Lasagna – beef or Italian sausage
  • Melantinis Meatball and Sauce
  • House made Veal and Beef Meatloaf
  • House roasted beef